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How many Roses should be given during a Confession/Proposal?

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Roses and confession seem to always related. When you confess, sending roses to the person you like will always enliven the atmosphere and it will be easier to capture the heart of the beauty. But in fact, many people don’t know how many flowers should be sent when confession. Because different numbers of roses have different meanings and are suitable for different occasions, today the editor of Lemon Lily will introduce to you that you should send a few roses.

, How many Roses should be given during a Confession/Proposal?
① 9 roses

9 roses mean that you want to spend a long time with each other. When you confess, you can send nine roses. The other party will understand your heart at a glance. The price of 9 roses is also very economical. Student couples or young people who are new to the society, nine roses can bring the most appropriate romance when budget is limited.

2. 11 Roses
11 roses mean “one heart and one mind”. When you like someone, your eyes can’t help but stay in the other person’s eyes. There is only her in the heart, only for her. The 11 roses are the proof of your love and your promise of love.

3. 99 Roses

, How many Roses should be given during a Confession/Proposal?
99 roses are the ultimate version of "Forever". If 9 roses are not enough to express your love, 99 roses will perfectly show your feelings for her. By the way, the success rate of expressing 99 roses is really high. The full bloom of roses and the beloved girl will be the most beautiful scenery.

How many roses should be sent? Before confessing to the long-awaited goddess, you must do your homework, choose the right amount of roses, and convey your love. Lemon Lily wishes you all a successful confession!