How to choose flowers for your Father?

Father’s love is usually silent. The chess genius’s father in the Korean high-scoring TV series “Please answer 1988” is a typical representative of silent father. He is usually reticent and takes care of his son carefully, but rarely expresses his love for his son. The young boy can also understand this father’s love. He accidentally mistakenly sent a pair of ladies gloves on his father’s birthday, but his father was still very happy to put them on his hands. Even though we are not the people in the play, we can also convey love to our father. Just when Father’s Day is coming, order flowers and send flowers to your silent father. As for what to pay attention to, naturally is the choice of bouquets, please see the recommendation below:

  1. Sunflower

Sunflower represents power, like the Sun, warming our lives. This coincides with the role of father in life. When ordering sunflowers on Father’s Day or sending Sunflowers to Father in person, one’s Father will also show a Sun-like smile. Fathers are actually very happy, as long as their children have the sincerity, they will feel happy to receive any small things.

2. Carnation

Many say that carnations are the flowers of Moms. They represent sincerity, warmth, kindness, and gratitude. Although they are often flowers for Mothers, they are also suitable for Dads. After all, the great mountain of Fathers give us courage and hope, whom greatness shall be appreciated. 

3. Anthurium

A bouquet of Anthuriums symbolizes all the prosperity and good luck. Father is sometimes like Anthurium, standing on top of the Earth and supporting the whole family at home. The responsibility on his body is especially huge. This responsibility is also like a brilliant red badge. Sending a bouquet of Anthuriums to dad on Father’s Day to express blessings to Father, hoping that they will be healthy and happy, that their life is prosperous and full of happiness.

There is a sentence in the lyrics that says, “Always request from him, but never thank him enough.” During this Father’s Day, order a bouquet of flowers for your father and sent it to him. Thanks to their silent contribution to support the whole family, thanks to their nurturing, we as a children can grow up healthily. God bless and best wishes every Father.